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We reckon life is fun when you are upside down. We know that handstands are an endless challenging journey.

It requires consistent practice and application over a long period of time and that’s where we step in, to help you to perfect the alignment of your handstands.

Whether you are a beginner want to get your first handstand or straighten up your existing handstands.


Our handstand classes will take you to the next level to explore entries, shapes and various levels of elevation.




This class balances flexibility & strength building exercises to help you train & maintain a safe & mobile body. 


Training active mobility increases range of motion safely & effectively by opening up muscles, joints and tissues while building strength. Make a move and book our 30 minutes or 101 flexibility class to see change straight after the class...




Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced mover, our coaches can help you achieve your dream movements. Our class takes the foundational movements of push ups, pull ups & dips, and transforms them into a wide range of exciting and challenging progressions.


From there, the door opens to the exciting world of muscle ups, flags, levers & dynamic combos. This class constantly pushes the boundaries of what the human body can achieve...

Move & Ability Classes

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Our sessions are varied, playful, and we will always measure progress by the quality and understanding of your movement, not the speed of completion and the competition usually associated with it.


Our conditioning classes will always have an emphasis on technique, and quality over quantity.

Warning: this class gets sweaty!

aerial Yoga



Our Aerial Yoga class will help you move more freely, with less effort. 


 Working through a series of guided exercises, you’ll learn to master the hammock and harness the force of gravity to tone and strengthen from top to toe, improve mobility and strengthen your core.

uniQX Fit



Mix bit of everything on your workout, it is scalable and our program is for everyone.


We create workouts with infinite combinations of gymnastics, cardio, weightlifting and bodyweight exercises to increase your fitness, mental fortitude and sense of self-satisfaction.

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